So the other night I was reading some shit about how some disease experts or whatever are predicting a pandemic by 2018. It’s supposed to be some real bad shit, like the Spanish Flu was way back in the day.

You know, usually “WE’RE ALL FUCKED” type shit I read in the news or on the idiotnet here, it don’t really mean anything to me. I mean, it’s just information or disinformation spread by some Chicken Little type cabal with a vested interest in freaking people out. It doesn’t unduly freak me out one way or another. Well, I mean at least as far as whoever is carrying on about how the fucking world is going to explode next week because of the Bilderburgers or whoever; the Mayans or Reptilians or cultural conservatives or what have you. Or you know, like the asteroid statistics. I just don’t have time to trip on potential asteroid collisions or shit like that. Or Peak Oil, or the Singularity or whichever manner of doomsday shit is being peddled.

But look, the fucking pandemic thing scares the dogshit out of me. Probably because I read The Stand when I was like 12 years old, and my fear of “Captain Trips” as the superflu in that King novel was called, presages even my fear of zombies. Which didn’t really take shape until I saw Return of The Living Dead when I was like 14. That fear stuck with me for a long time, though it has evaporated substantially now that zombies have become rather trite.

However,  a global disease epidemic that could easily kill tens of millions of people…well, that still kinda bugs me the fuck out. Cause it’s just a real shitty way to die. An asteroid hits, it would be pretty quick. Things would go to shit very fast, and that would be that. I would certainly make sure I’d be right under the fucking thing anyway, just to make it quick, right? But getting sick and shitting my innards out for a week or bleeding uncontrollably from every orifice…like that’s a miserable fucking way to die. I don’t care what anybody says, there’s no honor in dying from shitting out your innards.

So I’ve been thinking about this the past couple of days. And I remembered the Septic Death song “Burial”, which I first heard in probably 86. It’s a speedcore classic, like pretty much the entire Septic Death catalog. Way back when, this was the kind of shit you listened to on acid at your own risk. Surprisingly, or maybe not so at all, this bands brand of sonic maelstrom would even be considered “extreme” by todays standards. Standards, which, going by most of what is called “extreme” metal or whatever genre, are utter crap. Yes, I’m old. And fucking yes, our generation invented “hardcore” and “crossover” and “thrash”…and yes again, it was much better 25-30 years ago. Not that it’s horrible or “dead” now, it’s just I have a lot of older stuff and a lot of newer stuff…and the older stuff I want to listen to more. Because it sounds better. Unless you count bands that have never stopped putting shit out-like for instance, Corrosion of Conformity who just released their best album in 20 or so years this past Feb., or the Melvins…but they’re a whole other animal entirely. Or OFF!, but they don’t really count. And then there’s like Amebix, who sound wholly different these days yet put out the incredible Sonic Mass album last year I think it was. Now they’re more power metal than crust, but then again everything has gotten to the point where subgenrefication is just stupid and pointless anyway.

Anyways, all that dumb shit aside. Septic Death sounded rather terrifying in their day. And their lyrics generally matched, more or less. Some of their stuff was politically and socially conscious, their song “Silence” being downright inspirational in a ripping 240 bpm thrashed out sort of way. But I mean, fuck, the undisputed heavyweight champ of dark, horror themed 80’s punk art, Pushead-was their lead singer. But this song, “Burial”, creeped me out more than any of their others. Because it’s about an extinction grade pandemic, basically.




One thought on “Burial

  1. Excellent track! I’ve just watched a BBC doco about our cells and our immune system, and how it fights viruses. Bloody amazing. It also explained that these viruses that want to destroy us have been with us since the beginning of evolution and have actually shaped our development.
    It’s quite complicated and I’m no scientist, but what I got from it is that life is a constant battle. And definitely, what does’t kill us makes us stronger!
    Faced with an asteroid strike or a pandemic, I’ll take my chances with the pandemic all day long.


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